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Server and Storage Consolidation Solutions

As a leading IT solutions provider serving Greater Cleveland companies for over 36 years, Acendex offers customized technology services to help our clients enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and support growth. We specialize in designing and implementing server, storage, and network consolidation strategies to help optimize our clients’ IT infrastructures.

Consolidating your servers, storage, data centers, and networks provides a multitude of benefits:

Improved Efficiency:

Consolidating your IT footprint reduces software, hardware, and management overhead. Server utilization is improved by pooling resources and workloads. Staff productivity is enhanced by fewer redundant systems to support.

Reduced Costs:

Eliminating redundant hardware and software lowers capital expenditures and ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Cooling, power, and data center space needs are also minimized for significant long-term cost savings.

Enhanced Performance:

Upgrading and modernizing aging servers, storage systems, and networks boost overall performance levels. Centralized data centers access expanded bandwidth, memory, storage capacity, and faster I/O.

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Understanding CMMC Level 2 Compliance

Acendex’s Consolidation Solutions

Acendex offers end-to-end consolidation solutions for servers, storage, networks, and data centers to help optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and boost performance. Our highly trained engineers assess current infrastructures and design an integrated consolidation strategy leveraging leading-edge technologies.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

We reduce the number of physical servers through virtualization and migration of workloads into a shared pool of flexible, scalable computer resources. This is achieved by:

  • Converting traditional servers into virtual machines (VMs)
  • Leveraging virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Implementing a centrally managed server farm approach for simplicity

The benefits include higher utilization rates, easier provisioning of VMs, disaster recovery, and streamlined management.

Storage Consolidation

Our storage consolidation services unite your storage resources for enhanced efficiency:

  • Centralizing distributed storage into unified SAN or NAS environments
  • Categorizing data across high-speed, high-capacity, and archival tiers
  • Applying data reduction techniques like deduplication and compression

This allows you to scale storage on-demand while lowering your storage footprint and costs.

Acendex’s Consolidation Process

The Acendex team takes a phased, systematic approach to architecting and implementing consolidation initiatives customized for each client’s unique environment and objectives.


We thoroughly evaluate your existing infrastructure, workloads, utilization levels, and performance demands to understand consolidation potential. This includes inspecting servers, storage, networks, backup systems, and disaster recovery architectures.


Leveraging assessment data, Acendex designs an optimized consolidated architecture to replace legacy systems, defining underlying server, storage, network, and security platforms along with consolidation software stack details.

Testing and Validation

Prior to production rollout, we create a mirror infrastructure in an isolated lab or staging area for testing and validation. Rigorous functionality, integration, and performance testing take place here across hardware, software, and virtualized workloads.

Migration Strategy

The migration plan outlines the timeline, stages, and technical steps required to transition from the current to the future consolidated state with no disruption to your environment. Backup, rollback contingencies, and customer signoffs are addressed as key risk mitigation activities.


Our engineers now execute the migration strategy in a methodical manner while you continue daily operations uninterrupted. We also monitor closely for any unforeseen issues.

Ongoing Management

Post-implementation, Acendex delivers continuous support services to manage your consolidated infrastructure for optimal uptime and performance.


Why Choose Acendex?

With over 36 years as a leading Cleveland-based IT solutions provider, Acendex offers an unmatched track record helping local companies architect and implement complex consolidation initiatives. What sets us apart:

  • Trusted Experience: Our tenure serving Northeast Ohio’s technical and business needs means we understand objectives and environments at an intimate level. Clients trust us to deliver based on relationships built over decades.
  • Customized Approach: Each company presents unique needs, constraints, and cultures shaping infrastructure strategy.
  • Client Commitment: Every project starts with listening to fully understand your challenges and aspirations. Our continued responsiveness through design, deployment, testing, and beyond demonstrates our dedication to your success.
  • Technical Excellence: With certified expertise across servers, storage, networking, data centers, security, and more, our skills translate business goals into robust technology roadmaps scaled precisely to your consolidation goals now and in the future.
  • Bottom Line Results: Tangible improvements to efficiency, risk reduction, and costs through managed IT services. Our experience translates into solutions that deliver demonstrated consolidation success.

Ready to get started? Contact the Acendex team today to schedule your initial consultation. Let’s explore how a consolidation initiative can transform your IT and business outlook moving forward.

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