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Smart design and nimble trouble-shooting mean your IT problems get solved more quickly and your systems work the way you think they should.


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Current company is too slow / takes too long to come out / takes too long to resolve my issues


We feel like we’ve outgrown our current company – they don’t make recommendations and haven’t shown us how to get to the next level


We have an ongoing, unresolved problem that nobody seems to be able to fix

Acendex is an HPE GreenLake partner

HPE GreenLake is a flexible consumption model offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for your business’s IT infrastructure needs. HPE GreenLake provides a way for your business to modernize its IT infrastructure while maintaining cost efficiency, scalability, and agility.

With HPE GreenLake, you only pay for what you use, avoiding large upfront capital expenditures. This pay-per-use model helps you manage your IT budget and helps lower IT costs. It also allows your business to scale its IT resources up or down as needed, providing agility to adapt to changing demands without overprovisioning or underutilizing resources.

HPE manages the entire infrastructure, including installation, monitoring, management, and upgrades, relieving your business of the burden of managing complex IT environments.


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Jonathan L. Husni

Jonathan L. Husni



These days, it seems that just showing up and doing what you say you’re going to do is a big deal. We do that and then go several steps beyond:


We’ve been building trusted customer relationships since 1988.


We make your problems our own—and won’t confuse you with tech-speak.


Our certified technicians won’t rest unless your computer networks and communications systems are optimized—as opposed to “okay for now.”


And our years of experience mean we can usually diagnose and fix your troubled IT in record time—saving your budget for more important things – like bonuses.

When we’re working onsite, you’ll feel that we’re an extension of your staff. We’ve even been asked to negotiate with other technology vendors on behalf of our clients.


We’re available days, nights or weekends—because we understand that downtime costs you money. We propose solutions tailored to your budget and have flexible billing arrangements.


Because your convenience is our mandate.


Jonathan L. Husni, CEO

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

90% of the data that exists was created in the past two years and that number is growing. The number one way to improve efficiency is to improve the company’s filing system. Hours are lost every week by employees looking for files on the computer system. The quickest and most cost-effective measure your company can take to improve efficiency is also the one with the quickest payback. 

Give You Flexibilty

There is a gap between where network technology is going and what the network is capable of today. When you work with someone who understands what is changing, you are uniquely positioned to apply a 3 to 5-year time horizon and plan for the next generation of network technology today.

Improve Efficiency

Decrease Downtime

Continuous network monitoring is your best defense against the 55% of unscheduled incidents that arise from equipment failure.

Reduce Costs

50% of IT-related energy costs can be reduced through virtualization. If your organization is not already benefitting from this cost-saving approach to computing Acendex can help you implement both Server and Storage virtualization to reduce costs and increase performance.

IT services in Cleveland OH

Our Mission

Believe it or not, a staggering 75% of businesses are overspending on outdated, vulnerable managed IT systems. Talk about a costly nightmare!

We’re here to change that statistic, starting with your business.

Our team of top-tier managed IT service providers are passionate about empowering businesses like yours with modern, secure, and cost-effective network security tech solutions.

Think of it as your golden ticket to a worry-free, efficient IT environment.

Why not take the first step towards better tech? We’re ready to dive in with our managed IT support service, audit your existing setup, and shine a light on how to level up with cloud services without breaking the bank. When you partner with Acendex, you gain more than just a service provider; you gain a dedicated ally who is available around the clock.

Certifications and Partnerships

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Cisco Certified Network Associate
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Hewlett-Packard Authorized Partner
IBM Partner
Hyper-V Server Virtualization
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What People Are Saying



I have a great deal of confidence in whatever Acendex’s staff tells me and I truly believe that they understand me and my goals. Moreover, they are willing to patiently listen to and address my many questions. Given the extreme importance our network has to our business, it is nice to know and trust the people in our corner….



I was responsible for a barely functioning PC network that no vendor in town wanted to service when one of our board members recommended that I contact Jonathan Husni and his team at Acendex. We had no IS staff in our organization….

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