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Reduce Costs

50% of IT-related energy costs can be reduced through virtualization. If your organization is not already benefitting from this cost-saving approach to computing Acendex can help you implement both Server and Storage virtualization to reduce costs and increase performance.

40% of IT budgets are consumed by infrastructure costs. Acendex can deliver a 100% reduction in IT energy costs and infrastructure costs by moving you to your own secure Cloud environment.

Are there cost savings hiding on your file server’s disk drive? We think so! Containing storage growth through intelligent storage management is just some of the proverbial low hanging fruit you can use to reduce IT costs.

We’ll also help you to avoid the high cost of “Vendor Lock-In” by re-examining your voice and data telephone circuit costs and focusing on ways to minimize these annuity payments to the phone company.

Data protection

Maintaining strong IT security and monitoring your network are two of the most basic cost savings steps your organization can take. Leveraging predictive failure monitoring and taking steps to actively ensure that malware doesn’t hold your data hostage eliminates two of the biggest causes of unscheduled downtime and their associated costs: Human Error and Equipment Failure. Acendex has experience with the best solutions in the market to harden the edge of your network and give you advance notice of equipment that’s going on the fritz.

One should understand that real ROI in the area of information technology should be measured in terms of increased transactions, customer satisfaction (faster response) and then cost savings. Acendex will help you to identify and defer non-critical IT initiatives as well as effectively manage the life cycle of your IT assets. This approach will enable you to spend less time fighting fires and more time planning cost reduction.

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