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Since 1988, we have built ourselves as the trusted managed service provider Cleveland is proud of. With our expert team of talented technical support, we can conquer IT services while saving you from stress. At Acendex, we understand time is money, and you will feel like we are simply an extension of your staff— we’re on your team.

The Magic of a Managed Service Provider

As a Managed Service Provider, Acendex guarantees that your current systems bolster business processes while introducing innovative solutions to boost business efficiency and value. We excel in devising strategies that synchronize IT functions with your business objectives, making certain that your technology investments yield tangible business results. Our approach not only optimizes your operational framework but also prepares your business for future technological advancements. Managed services involve continuously overseeing and managing various aspects of computer networks—from the hardware and software to data storage and security measures—all done remotely in real time. This proactive approach contrasts sharply with the traditional “break/fix” method, which only addresses issues after they’ve disrupted work. Unlike the reactive nature of break/fix, which can be costly and inefficient as problems are only dealt with once they arise, managed services anticipates and solves potential issues before they impact productivity, making it a more effective strategy.

Acendex Helps Local Businesses With Their IT Needs

Cloud Computing

Acendex Cloud ServicesWith our cloud services, quick deployment of new services, universal secure access from anywhere and on any device, and improved collaborative capabilities are just a few of the benefits. The Acendex Cloud ensures peace of mind with features such as 24/7 monitoring, uninterrupted power supplies with diesel backup generators, and compliance with SSAE 16 standards to maintain operations even in the event of theft or natural disasters. With Acendex Cloud, local businesses gain a reliable partner in managed IT service, avoiding costly downtime and enjoying secure and continuous operation. With us, each client’s system is maintained separately. If you decide to go elsewhere, we’ll copy your entire cloud environment onto a hard drive, enabling you to complete your migration in a single day. Acendex Cloud Services takes the worry out of IT management.

Network Security

At Acendex, your security is our top priority. Network security is all about creating a shield around the digital flow of information in and out of an organization. Firewalls serve as gatekeepers, deciding what digital information can enter or leave. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems keep an eye out for any signs of trouble and take action to stop it. Virtual Private Networks provide a secret tunnel for information to travel safely over the internet. By scrambling data into a code, encryption keeps sensitive information locked away from prying eyes. Watching over all this digital traffic, network monitoring is the ever-vigilant guardian that looks for anything out of the ordinary, ready to alert the security team. Clear rules and practices are the backbone of network security, giving everyone the playbook for safe computing. And because every single device can be a potential door for intruders, endpoint security puts locks on these doors, arming them with the digital equivalent of alarms and bolts. As networks have become the lifelines of organizations in our connected world, securing them is as crucial as securing the doors to a vault; they are the repositories of valuable and sensitive information whose compromise can have far-reaching consequences.


cybersecurityNetwork security is essentially about shielding a company’s crucial data from digital threats. By implementing the right defenses, businesses aim to prevent breaches that could expose sensitive information, halt their operations, or result in the theft of valuable ideas and creations. Through strategic defenses, the goal is to avert any financial fallout and protect the organization’s standing in the eyes of clients, partners, and the public. When operations run smoothly without interruption from cyber incidents, productivity soars and potential savings can be realized from avoiding the aftermath of security breaches. Establishing a strong security posture instills confidence among stakeholders and can even contribute to economic benefits, such as lower insurance costs. Acendex understands the unique needs of each business, tailoring specific security measures that are far more successful than generic solutions, leveraging their seasoned expertise, recognized qualifications, and broad toolkit to fortify your business against cyber threats.

Backup and Recovery with AcendexAssure

AcendexAssure stands out as the most rapid and cost-efficient continuous backup and disaster recovery service available. For an affordable monthly charge, we pledge that your systems will be back online with full user access in just five minutes after any failure. If any Managed Services client experiences data loss or a delay beyond our commitment, we promise a full refund of all AcendexAssure fees. We ensure your business continuity whether your network is on-site, in the cloud, or a hybrid, putting an end to the fear of data loss.

With AcendexAssure, your operating system is always ready for action, with no need for additional investments in storage, hardware, or software on your part. It works with any internet-connected environment and scales on demand, with an option for on-site backup to heighten privacy. Management is centralized for ease and efficiency. We achieve this level of service by leveraging cutting-edge technology that enables efficiencies not viable for individual clients, like our deduplication software that smartly reduces storage needs by 80%. Our storage solutions utilize ‘BitSpread’ technology for superior reliability, distributing data across several disks, while our RAID controllers and high-speed drives offer performance fourfold that of traditional systems.

Cleveland Trusts Acendex— So Should You

Over 35 years of experience makes us the managed service provider Cleveland trusts. Our extensive list of support services keeps us as an ‘all-in-one’ company, ready to deliver solutions for any big or small business needing IT support. Reach out today—make us a part of your team. We’ve got your back. Contact us today!