Business Continuity : ACENDEXASSURE


AcendexAssure is the fastest, least expensive continuous backup and disaster recovery service on the market!  For a low monthly fee, we guarantee that you’ll be up and running, with full user access, within five minutes of a failure. If you’re a Managed Services client and lose any data or can’t resume operations within the promised timeframe, we’ll fully refund all AcendexAssure fees.

Imagine that your CFO is working on numbers for your annual report.  Suddenly your server crashes.  Within minutes, he’ll be able to retrieve specific folders and files.  Even open files are protected while in use.  Our verification technology automatically confirms backup file integrity for 100 percent reliability.

Whether your network is physical, virtual or cloud-based, we offer continuity of service for your desktops and servers that will eliminate your data loss nightmares.

Why AcendexAssure?

  • Entire operating system is duplicated in a ready-to-run state
  • No investment in storage, hardware or software
  • Supports any environment with an Internet connection
  • On-demand scalability
  • Optional on-premise backup for  increased privacy
  • Centralized management

Backup Options

  • “Smart Restore”– On-demand retrieval of specific files while full system restore is in process
  • Server-in-Waiting – “Flip the switch” to power up a fully cloned system

How We Do It

Efficient  Our investment in state-of-the-art technology means you don’t have to duplicate your entire hardware/software investment in order to sleep at night.  We can implement efficiencies that aren’t cost-effective for individual clients to undertake.  For instance, our deduplication software  makes “intelligent” choices when copying data, eliminating redundancies so that we reduce storage requirements by 80 percent.

High-Performance  Our RAID controllers and high-performance hard drives deliver up to four times the performance of traditional systems. That’s how our backup service can substitute seamlessly for your production environment.

Reliable  Our storage is based on revolutionary “BitSpread” technology, which distributes data across multiple disks for increased dependability.